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The choices I have made in my life are very well thought out, because I tend to think of my long- term goals more than my short-term goals. For example, I wish to work in the music industry, and I know that many mainstream hip-hop artists start their careers in the south. Networking in the south would be very beneficial to me, and it has been so far. My main strength is my ability to perform tasks under extreme pressure. My main weakness is that I tend to take on more than I can handle. My solution to this weakness is to pace myself in order to get more tasks finished
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Unformatted text preview: efficiently. Recently, I realized that success is not measured in money, but in the number of goals one achieves. When I achieve every single one of my current goals, then I will consider myself successful and strive for new goals. There is nothing wrong with having role models, but if these people cannot mentor you, then you are only idolizing someone you do not really know. Therefore, one should strive for mentors that they can talk to personally, because one will benefit and learn quicker this way....
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