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Darryl Williams FIN 320-26 15 September 2011 Obama’s Job Speech Obama is proposing a new plan to help revitalize the economy by issuing money for domestic employment. This new plan has been reported to cost the United State close to $447 billion. At this point, American needs to do whatever it can to relieve its 9.1% unemployment rate. Obama’s plan revolves around extending a payroll tax cut for workers. Macroeconomic Advisers predict that if Obama’s plan goes through, employment will increase by closed to 600,000. Another important part of Obama’s plan is to spend more on the country’s infrastructure. If the U.S. increases public-works projects, then unemployed construction workers will be able to return to work. The main problem with this part of the plan is that these large infrastructure projects take years to start. However, Obama is well aware of this situation, stating “There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.” Obama also plans to help the states so they will not have to layoff teachers. Tax breaks will more than likely be issued to businesses in hopes
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