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Darryl Williams FIN 320-26 15 September 2011 Buy Your Own Health Care The economy was supposedly improving last year, but the truth is it is as bad as it has always been. The health care situation is so bad that people are starting to resort buying their own health care. How are they doing this? Well, many people are becoming consultants or freelancers. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 also helped make it possible for citizens to find cheap health care. Additionally, websites like, post beneficial information about what health insurance is, and how to acquire it. This and other sites like it contain forums, glossaries, articles, and information on health care programs. Surprisingly, most bankruptcies are caused by unpaid medical bills. In fact, during 2007 a survey was taken that showed in 62.1 percent of all bankruptcy claims were medical related. That percentage has more than likely
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Unformatted text preview: increased, because these statistics are from before the economy started going downhill. The kind of health care coverage a person needs is determined by many factors: age, current health, health history, family, and geography. Those who live relatively healthy lifestyles should look at private health-insurance. They can either utilize brokers or work directly with insurance companies. A helpful website to visit would be This website provides a quick and easy way to compare health care plans. High risk people, such as the elderly, would benefit more if they found a specialty policy in their area. Cost-of-living factors affect the prices of health care in each state. Depending on where a person lives, their health care may be cheap or expensive....
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