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F11_hw02 - ENV 4561 Assigned September 1 2011 Fall 2011...

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ENV 4561 Fall 2011 Homework # 2 Assigned: September 1, 2011 Due: September 8, 2011 1) A city in central Florida is building an effluent holding pond to be used as part of a spray irrigation system. The holding pond is located 8 miles away from the 7 MGD WWTP, which will supply the effluent. The effluent will leave the plant’s filtration unit at an elevation of 38 ft with 8 ft of driving head. The elevation of the discharge pipe is 5 ft. For clarification, see drawing below. 8 miles 38 8 5 Your job is to determine the pipe diameter required to transport the effluent to the holding pond. Use galvanized iron as the pipe material (e = 0.006 in). Solve this problem using the Darcy- Weisbach equation and the Colebrook-White equation. Size the pipe to the nearest inch. Assume water temperature is 80 o F. Ignore minor losses. Hint: Assume a pipe diameter and solve two equations simultaneously 2) Design a thrust block needed to resist the force generated by a 90 degree screwed long radius elbow, which carries a flow of 2 cfs. The diameter of the fitting narrows from 12 inch to 10 inch
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