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ENV 4561 Fall 2011 Homework # 5 Assigned: September 29, 2011 Due: October 6, 2011 1) A 12 in. ID diameter pipe is discharging to a holding pond with the discharge end 4.0 ft above the pond water surface. If the water at depth at the end of the pipe is 8 inches, what is the flow? 2) Find the critical depth of a 16 in. diameter circular pipe with a flow of 8 cfs 3) A rectangular channel is to be designed for the constant discharge Q = 0.87 m 3 /s with a width b = 1.2 m and a permissible frictional energy loss per unit length of 8x10 -4 m/m. Assume the roughness of the channel is k = 0.4 cm, the energy coefficient, α = 1.0, and the water temperature is 27 o C. a) Find the normal depth of flow assuming the channel flow is in the M-range. b) Verify the flow range. c) Determine the critical depth and state whether the flow is sub or supercritical d) Had one assume the Blasius flow range (B-range) was applicable, what would the normal depth be and what would be the error in the predicted depth compared to (a). e)
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