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CWR 4306 – Urban Stormwater Systems Design University of Florida Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering 1. Catalog Description: (3 credits) Surface-water system design including: time of concentration, peak runoff rate, open-channel flow, gravity storm sewer, culvert, stormwater pumping, filtration systems, hydrograph generation, flood routing, site layout, site grading and permitting. 2. Pre-requisites and Co-requisites: CWR 4202 Hydraulics. 3. Course Objectives: Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the design, modeling, and permitting of urban stormwater systems. 4. Instructor: Dr. Mark A. Newman a. Office location: 575L Weil Hall b. Telephone: 352-392-9537 ext. 1518 c. E-mail address: d. Web site: e. Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 8 th Period (3:00PM-3:50PM) Email communication is highly encouraged as it allows information to be shared more readily with the entire class. The class email list is automatically generated based upon the class roll maintained by the Registrars Office. As such students must have an active University GatorLink email address (typically of the form 5. Grader: Thomas Brauer 6. Meeting Times: th Period (10:40 AM – 11:30 AM) 7. Meeting Location: Florida Gym Room 245 8. Course materials Lecture Packets are provided on the course website Recommended Text Haestad and Durrans. 2003. Stormwater Conveyance Modeling and Design.
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CWR4306_Syllabus_F2011 - CWR 4306 Urban Stormwater Systems...

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