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CWR 4306 – Urban Stormwater Systems Design Fall 2011 Name____________________ Homework Assignment 3 (Due: Friday, September 23) Please hand in the first page of this homework pamphlet as a cover sheet with your answers ( you do not need to include the Appendix of Hydro-35 information with your submission ). Be sure to list all assumptions and show all your work. Credit will only be assigned if it is clear how each problem was solved. 1. Using the methods discussed in class and the Hydro-35 reading assignment posted with this homework, develop and plot IDF curves for Key West and Flagler Beach, FL. a. Write a short description of how the two plots compare? Compare the relative trends Maximums Minimums NOTE: High resolution digital versions of the Hydro-35 maps are available on the course website. It is recommended that you read the maps on a computer so that you can zoom in, avoiding considerable eye strain and frustration.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Using the methods discussed in lecture packet 4 develop a 25-year, 24-hour storm for Flagler Beach, FL. Use a time increment of ½ hour ( ∆ t = 0.5 hours) and a total rainfall (in inches) estimated from the figures of maximum rainfall provided in lecture packet 3 (hint: you will want to use the appropriate figure for 24-hour maximum rainfall published by St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD)). Base your development on the NRCS Type II, FL Modified synthetic storm ratios. (Published by St. Johns River Water Management District and provided in Lecture Packet 4 of the course notes). a. Plot the design storm cumulative hyetograph (as rainfall depth versus time) b. Plot the design storm incremental hyetograph (as rainfall intensity versus time) What is the most intense period of rainfall during the design storm? Is the design storm front-loaded, back-loaded, or neutral?...
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