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64 Fundamental Laws and Units Chapter 3 REFERENCES Abbott, M. B. 1979. Computational Hydraulics: Elements ofthe Theory ofFree Surface Flows. London : Pitman. Chow, V. T., D.L. Maidment, and L.W. Mays. 1988. Applied Hydrdlpgy. New York: McGraw-Hill Prasuhn, A. L. 1980. Fundamentals ofFluid Mechanics. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall. Shames, I. H. 1992. Mechanics of Fluids. 3ded.NewYork: McGraw-Hill. Simon,A. L. 1981. Practical Hydraulics. White, F.M. 1999. Fluid Mechanics. 4th ed.NewYork: McGraw-Hill. PROBLEMS 3.1 A pipe discharges from a pond ata rate of40,000 gpm. What istheflow in cfs? 3.2 During anemergency release, the water level ina 12,000-ac reservoir dropped by 1inch in6 hours. What was the discharge rate in cfs? 3.3 The last flow gaging station onthe Susquehanna River before it enters the Chesapeake Bay isat the Conowingo Dam. The average flow recorded at this station is 2,500 m3/s. What is the total amount ofwater (inm3) that flows into the Chesapeake Bay from the Susquehanna River inanaverage year?
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