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Course Review Mythos / Logos o Contrasting words o Logos deals with history, reason, logic etc o Myth explains why things are the way they are Creation o Hesiod gives us the story of creation with Theogony o Ovid sort of does the same thing Doesn’t just go and repeat Hesiod Tells his thoughts on creation in the beginning of Metamorphoses Educated Roman’s perspective Myth o Explain the way the universe is o Set in a distant time and place Religion o Can be seen as a sort of portrait of humanity o Even atheists should be able to appreciate this o Greeks used religion to express their beliefs/life etc o Even Greeks challenged their own religious beliefs however
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Unformatted text preview: Athenians were famous for this • Greek Religion o Differences between modern religion Worship a visible god Did not have a scripture Individual family ties to a single or multiple god Different sections of a city could be known for the god they were tied to • Apollo quarter of the city for example Polytheistic • Politics and Religion tend to mix • Here Cults o Heracles (everywhere), Thesus (Athens), Oedipus (Colonus), Hektor (Thebes), Achillies (Troy), Helen and Menelaus (Sparta)...
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