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Final Study Guide

Final Study Guide - Classics 131 Final Study Guide The...

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Classics 131 – Final Study Guide The Odyssey o Characters Odysseus Telemachus Penelope Athena Poseidon Antinoos Eurymachus Manipulative and deceitful suitor Amphinomus Only decent suitor Eumaeus Loyal shepherd who helps in fight against suitors Eurykleia Servant who recognizes Odysseus Calypso Circe Transforms crew into swine Laertes Odysseus’ father Tireisias Nestor King of Pylos, visited by Telemachus Menelaus Helen Agamemnon Alcinoos King of Phaecians Arete Wife of Alcinoos Nausicaa Daughter of Alcinoos, falls in love with Odysseus Homeric Hymns o Demeter Tells of Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, coming to spend time with Hades Demeter searched for her nine days Was going to make a boy immortal Got caught by her mother Swore that on a particular day every year their city would have a terrible battle
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Made them build her a temple Isolated herself here, grieving for her daughter Demeter’s sadness was harming humanity Zeus summoned Demeter, then asked Hermes to go bring Persephone back Hades had her eat pomegranate seeds before he allowed her to go Traits Goddess of the harvest Presided over grains, fertility of the earth, seasons, and harvest o Delian Apollo Leto asked Delos to house her son, Apollo Delos agreed, but worried that Apollo would abandon him (the island) and he would become meaningless Leto made an oath that on his island would be built an oracle first o Pythian Apollo Intended to make a temple on Telphusa She convinced him to do it elsewhere, because people would admire the island’s natural beauty and not the temple Builds temple on Parnassus Place where Apollo killed the dragon creature birthed by Here called Pytho Name Pythian comes from here Apollo brings a ship of Cretans to Pylos These men become the caretakers for his temple Traits God of light and sun, truth and prophecy, archery Son of Zeus and Leto, twin of Artemis Leader of the muses, also related to music and poetry
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Final Study Guide - Classics 131 Final Study Guide The...

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