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Odyssey Notes - The Odyssey Dactylic Hexameter: -uu | -uu |...

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The Odyssey Dactylic Hexameter: -uu | -uu | -uu | -uu | -uu | -- People: Laertes Odysseus o Widely respected, no one has a bad word to say about him o Described as a mastermind of war craft and hero of the Trojan War o Tricky and intelligent o But also ruled with kindness o Respectful of the Gods Also respected by the Gods Penelope o Wife of Odysseus o In love with Odysseus, still misses him even after 20 years o Tricky o Very proper Operates within social expectations Telemakhos o Son of Odysseus o At the beginning he seems hopeless o Athena instills a sort of bravery in him o Looks a lot like Odysseus Eurykleia o Nurse who raised Odysseus, loyal to the family and can keep a secret Agamemnon Klytaimnestra o Married to Agamemnon Orestes o Son of Agamemnon Aigisthos o Lover of Klytaimnestra o Stays behind during the war Menelaus Helen o Married to Menelaus Antinoos o Name implies thinking against you o Suitor to Penelope Eurymackhos o Suitor to Penelope o Contrary to Antinoos, he tries to gain knowledge through probing conversation Plot and Narrative:
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Book One o Council of the Gods motivates Athena’s visit to Telemakhos Poseidon would have stopped it but people were sacrificing to him and he was off enjoying a feast o Athena sees Ithaca in disarray Gives Telemakhos the motivation to act Book Two o Council at Ithaca Book Three o People sacrificing to the Gods o Nestor asked for advice Tells story of hero’s returning and disagreement on beach at Troy about when to return and the way to go about it Book Four
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Odyssey Notes - The Odyssey Dactylic Hexameter: -uu | -uu |...

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