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Test Questions - Classics 131 Old Tests Exam #1: 1. The...

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Classics 131 – Old Tests Exam #1: 1. The virgin goddess of the hunt, twin sister of Apollo is? - Artemis 2. The old friend of Odysseus’ family who remained on Ithaca during the Trojan War and whose form Athena assumed as a disguise was named? - Mentor 3. Odysseus’ old hunting hound was named? - Argos 4. Which of the following disguises did Athena not assume in the Odyssey? - Wild Stag 5. Agamemnon war married to? - Klytemnestra 6. The old king of Pylos who fought at Troy and knew Odysseus well was? - Nestor 7. Odysseus mother was named - Antikleia 8. Odysseus old nurse was named - Eurykleia 9. At times too cautious, at times too bold, he talked to Odysseus’ men into eating the cattle of the sun - Eurylokhos 10. Odysseus heard singers sing stories in his own hall on Ithaca and in - The hall of the Phaecians 11. He had to hide under a seal skin in order to trap the Old Man of the Sea - Menelaus 12. He is the god of the winds who helped Odysseus once, but not twice - Aiolos 13. This stream talked Apollo into going away to build his temple somewhere else, but he came back and got revenge by covering the stream and blocking its waters - Telphousa 14. He was not a suitor of Penelope - Mentes 15. Menelaus and Helen were king and queen of - Sparta 16. She walked around the Trojan Horse imitating the voices of the Greek soldiers’ wives, hoping to trick them into calling out and betraying their presence - Helen 17. He committed suicide after losing to Odysseus in the contest at Troy for the arms of Achilles - Aias 18. Homer described her as like the goddess Artemis among nymphs, and when Odysseus addressed her he compared her to a graceful young palm tree and asked if she was a goddess - Nausikaa 19. This guest burst into tears during a banquet when he heard a song about the Trojan War - Odysseus 20. In the Odyssey we saw that Odysseus was able to do all of these except
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Test Questions - Classics 131 Old Tests Exam #1: 1. The...

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