COMM 140 - Dual Product Market Paper

COMM 140 - Dual Product Market Paper - Jake Unger...

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Jake Unger 7146-33903 COMM 140 Paper #1 9/21/09 Honor Pledge: TV for the Advertisers Although the media market model of business would seem to indicate that media producers would want to create programs that are as popular as possible for their audiences, the dual product market creates an environment where media companies create programs that are aimed at attracting advertisers rather than programs that are popular with audiences. As exemplified in class lectures, Croteau and Hoynes’ “Media, Markets and the Public Sphere”, and the film Network , the market model of business is an incorrect model for explaining why media markets produce their products, because in reality media businesses are more respondent to the wants of advertisers rather than to the needs of audiences. The market model is useful in the sense that it can give people a very basic general understanding of how companies compete for audiences and profits. However, because the market model assumes that the most efficient markets are relatively unregulated (Croteau and Hoynes p. 17), and it grossly oversimplifies the processes and intentions of media companies, it is only a useful tool in modeling the very basic supply and demand aspects of the media producing industries. My feeling is that the market model is a detrimental tool in understanding complex media markets because the media market is unlike other product markets. It is not just a “toaster with pictures” (Mark Fowler quoted in Croteau and Hoynes p. 27). The market model states that markets are “responsive to what people want…price serves as the key indicator of supply and demand” (Croteau and Hoynes p. 18). This may seem very reasonable from an outside perspective. For example, in Network , the UBS television company exploits the madness of Robert Beale because of his great ratings. From watching Network it would be understandable
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COMM 140 - Dual Product Market Paper - Jake Unger...

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