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COMM 140 Midterm Q1

COMM 140 Midterm Q1 - Jake Unger COMM 140 Midterm 1 Explain...

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Jake Unger COMM 140 Midterm 10/21/09 1) Explain the significance of context and perspective in meaning-making, using the sets of concepts and terms from the readings and class discussions. According to class notes we use media to make sense of the world, to understand it and give it shape. Meaning exists in our communication about the media (8/31/09). Context and perspective play an incredibly important role in how we interpret and understand a media event. People derive different meanings out of a particular event through the context in which they perceive an event and the perspective they bring to an event. Both the way in which a message is transmitted and the culture in which the message is received greatly impact the meaning that is developed from a particular message. In this mediamaking model the media greatly impacts how we create meaning from a message that is transmitted to us, but we also create meaning from the media through the cultural forms that we are accustomed to. Someone who was at ground zero during 9/11 would have a much different context of the events that occurred at the World Trade Center compared to someone who had viewed the events on their TV at home. The different contexts of viewing such an event greatly impacts the way in which people create meaning from an event. As the authors of Media Making: Mass Media in a Popular Culture state, “we cannot study the media apart from the context of their economic, political, historical, and cultural relationships.” This means that the media plays an enormous role in how we interpret and experience events. The way in which we interpret media is in a sense the means by which we create meaning from an event and the world. Also the perspective that we bring to the table has a great impact on how we interpret events. Again using the example of 9/11, an American who had a loved one who worked in the World Trade Center would create a much different meaning out of the events of 9/11 compared to a Jihadist in Afghanistan. The cultural form in which we process and make sense out of a representation of an event also has a great impact upon the way we create meaning from the
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Jake Unger COMM 140 Midterm 10/21/09 media. An American’s cultural understanding of a how a sitcom functions allows them create a different meaning from the text, than say an Iraqi who is unfamiliar with the format of the sitcom. Both the context in which we are exposed to an event and the perspective that we bring to an event are incredibly vital components in developing an understanding and creating a meaning out of a media event. 2) Compare cell phones and the internet as media technologies, using the sets of terms and concepts from the readings and class discussions.
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