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COMM 140 Midterm

COMM 140 Midterm - Jake Unger COMM 140 Midterm 3 Describe a...

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Jake Unger 10/21/09 COMM 140 Midterm 3) Describe a “media institution” and the relationships it mediates. Explain the market model and the public sphere model as different ways to analyze your example(s). A media institution is an organization that mediates social relations through the control of media texts. A major television network, specifically the UBS T.V. station in the film Network , is a mass media institution that sends information and stories through the television to its audiences, the viewers. The UBS T.V. station clearly operated using the market model, viewing its audience as consumers, not citizens, when producing its television programs, with the ultimate goal of maximizing profits. The film Network highlighted how the UBS T.V. network ruthlessly exploited the popularity of Howard Beale’s rants and revelations to boost its popularity with audiences in order to maximize profits. Howard Beale’s prophetic messages were certainly captivating to audiences, as
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