COMM 452 - Narrator Midterm notes

COMM 452 - Narrator Midterm notes - John Harvey Out of the...

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John Harvey – Out of the Past - “psychological and sociological interpretation…by the imaginative us of an investigative narrative within a flawed male hero attempts to explain and free himself from his past Telotte – The Call of desire and The Film Noir - Telephone as narrative prominence, as evidence - “telephone embodies desire and limitations” (Telotte 51). - Tangled networks of the telephone keep us informed and “life and happiness wait upon its ring…and horror…and loneliness…and death” - “controlling and possessing in direct proportional control we hope to exercise over others” (54) Dark Love: The Noir Crime Melodrama -“The alienation of reurning veterans, anxiety about failure of the merican dream produced by continuing economic instability, uncertainty about gender roles after dislocations caused by the war, and a morbid fascination with the abnormal psychology” (Palmer 33). - “grimly deterministic world” - Walter Neff “intends to set the record straight” (Palmer 43) - Lola - daughter “In the classic detective story, so popular on the screens of the 1930s America, the spectator identifies with the detective, whose problem-solving abilities are never found wanting” (Palmer 46). – In these we know the killer and he tries to explain what has happened “we are called to see the world through the eyes of the killers involved” (Palmer 47). “Such as voice-over/flashback structure deepens our identification (and, in a sense, complicity) with the
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COMM 452 - Narrator Midterm notes - John Harvey Out of the...

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