COMM 452 - Noir Movie Idea

COMM 452 - Noir Movie Idea - Psycho Narrator-Knows will pay...

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Jake Unger Film Noir Movie Concept Brief Outline 3/1/10 Voiceover/Narration Flashback - Male, unreliable narrator, telling of trip to S. America he and friend had. - End raping/ think they killed a woman - “we didn’t treat her too badly” – show left for dead body Narrator - Trip back to US, don’t think much of what they did, no big deal. Imaged over of woman coming alive, furious obviously wanting to seek revenge. - She screams, man’s scream comes out foreshadowing inevitable revenge Narrator - About a year has passed – describes friend’s life, now married to 1950s perfect housewife - Someone calls him and informs him about his friend being killed o Left wife dead exactly as woman in S. America was left o Woman stands seductively in doorway, smoking cigarette o Kills man with knife, don’t see but shadows like
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Unformatted text preview: Psycho Narrator-Knows will pay soon-Walks into living room and she is there smoking completely in shadow-Some dialogue then “Is it too late to say I’m sorry”-“No” shoots him in the genitals, castrating him like Out of the Past-Pulls out knife walks over to kill him, but shoots screen first before as in The Great Train Robbery and Goodfellas-End Themes/aspects of Noir-S. America-Shadow-Underlighting-Lady becomes a femme fatal-Telephone to progress story-Castration-Unreliable narrator/voiceover-Smoking as sexual tension-Ideal female as seen by a male-Undercurrent of feminism Influences-Kill Bill-Psycho-Out of the Past-Double Indemnity-Great Train Robbery/Goodfellas-Gilda...
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COMM 452 - Noir Movie Idea - Psycho Narrator-Knows will pay...

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