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COMM 452 Final Presentation

COMM 452 Final Presentation - represent past events I got...

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- Wanted to convey the strong masaginistic viewpoints shown in most noirs, especially in regards to women, and have the women turn out to be the one to punish them for their behavior without he getting her come-up-ums. I wrote the film with the initial idea that the femme fatal would ultimately succeed in the end. I intended the film to be a neo-noir, heavily laden with influences in traditional noir such as being in black and white, extensive use of low-key lighting, one light on screen, deep shadows, smoking, male sexism, castration of the man by the femme fatal, the confession, flashbacks, fate/determinism, Latin America, and heavy use of the voice-over narration . Intended to use the telephone to connect characters, but the scene was not necessary and would have confused the story. However, the narrator mentions he got word of Roy’s death by a call. The film was heavily influenced by Double Indemnity as the carrier of the story is a narrator (named Walter), narrating through voice-over narration, and employs flashbacks to
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Unformatted text preview: represent past events. I got the idea of for the protagonist meeting the femme fatale in Latin America from Out of the Past , and the ideas of driving and the open road from Gun Crazy and Detour . Furthermore, I got a good amount of my idea for the femme fatale to come back and get her revenge from Kill Bill , as well as the final scene being taken directly from Kill Bill II . I also wanted to pay homage to other films as the idea to use the knife was taken from Psycho, as I wanted the woman to be the one doing the stabbing in the film, and the final shot of the woman shooting the audience is homage to Goodfellas and The Great Train Robbery . I also played upon many newer films incorporating scenes of violence with upbeat music as in Reservoir Dogs, glorifying the violence as is present in many neos .-Kill Bill I, II-Double Indemnity- Detour, Out of the Past, The Big Heat, Gun Crazy- Psycho, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction...
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