COMM 452 Flashback and Voiceover Narration

COMM 452 Flashback and Voiceover Narration - Jake Unger...

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Jake Unger 3/16/2010 COMM 452 Film Noir Midterm: Flashback and Voiceover Narration Film noirs are paranoid fantasy’s that depict a world consisting of “the breakdown of traditional family structures, woman’s shifting role in society, corruption in office, a perceived failure in the American Dream itself,” and attempt to make sense of and explain “other vantages and alternative ways of understanding our world” (Telotte 218). Because of these uncertainties and insecurities, film noir developed a “variety of voices, each speaking in a dark, experimental, and even approximate language about the discontinuities and uncertainties of our modern experience,” which establishes film noir as a completely different style of film than any other type of film genre (Telotte 222-23). Specifically, film noir’s use of various styles of flashback and voiceover narration differentiate film noir from other genres because these techniques create high levels of anxiety as the narrator drags the viewer into the dark, chaotic, and unstable underbelly of civilization, through personal experiences as they try to make sense of one’s past. In many genres, the audience follows the protagonist through their journey and there is little to no ambiguity to what events transpired. However, film noir’s use of the flashback and voiceover creates an environment where the audience is seeing events from the past through the “narrator’s mind’s eye,” as the narrator controls the time sequence (Telotte 13). These techniques of first person narration and flashback together “enhance the aura of doom” because we already
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COMM 452 Flashback and Voiceover Narration - Jake Unger...

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