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Unformatted text preview: Jake Unger 1/21/10 COMM 452 Film Noir: Week 2 Response on Double Indemnity and readings Although I have never really been very into old movies, I thoroughly enjoyed Double Indemnity. Though I have seen the flashback technique used in numerous films, I thought that Walter’s confession was a very interested way to narrate a story, which for the most part happened in the past, and is told in flashbacks. I felt that the voice-over and flashback technique used to illustrate the story of Double Indemnity , was both entertaining and interesting because it allowed the viewer to relate with the Walter’s desire to commit murder in order to be with Phillis and get her dead husband’s money. Although these events have taken place in the past, the voice- over flashback confession creates almost a sense of sympathy within the viewer, who can relate with Walter in the sense that they feel his desire to be with Phillis and obtain the money, because it is plausible since he knows everything about the insurance agency, and that Phillis, who he is...
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