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Jake Unger COMM 452: Week 3 Analysis of Laura and Readings 1/28/10 Through the definitions of a femme fatal described in the Angela Martin article, stating that the femme fatal is “intent on destroying the male hero…capable or causing of death… ruinous, disastrous…decisively important…[and] destined inevitable” (Martin 206), it is appropriate to conclude that the character Laura in the 1944 film of the same name is certainly not a femme fatal . Although it is quite clear that Laura is the catalyst for the murder in the film, it is certainly not her own device to inflict pain and suffering upon others. In fact the character Laura is quite opposite. Although she is quite promiscuous, she is not devious or plotting against others for her own personal benefit such as Phillis in Double Indemnity . In fact, she helps others out, such as lending Stacey money. Laura’s place in the film noir is not due to a personality as a femme fatal , but rather due to the obsession she arouses among the men she comes in contact
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