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Jake Unger 2/25/10 Film Noir Week 7: Sorry, Wrong Number While the voice-over narration/flashback has been a common device used in the film noirs we have seen, Sorry, Wrong Number ’s usage of multiple narrative-flashbacks ads a completely new dimension into the construction of the story we are viewing. In films that mainly use one narrator’s viewpoint in flashback, such as Walter Neff’s in Double Indemnity , the audience is led to either accept or decline (in the case of an unreliable narrator) the narrator’s version of the story. This type of narration through one point of view creates a “coherent vantage” that allows the audience to feel comfortable, for lack of a better word, with the story telling of the narrator (Telotte 75). . While some of the other films we have seen, employ multiple flashback narrations, such as Out of the Past , the differentiating flashbacks are not flashbacks of the same event, but rather ad information to the central characters story. However, the use of
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