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Jake Unger 3/4/10 COMM 452: Week 8 Response Gun Crazy Gun Crazy is a unique film compared to the other film noirs we have seen in class so far, because it is arguably the only film where the two central characters are actually in love. While in the other films we have seen, the initial attraction for two characters has been either physical appeal or an alterior motive such as Phyllis’ attraction to Walter Neff in Double Indemnity , in Gun Crazy the two characters are attracted to each other because of their mutual love for guns. This love for guns spawns into a love for each other as Martin states they are, “defined by their extreme emotional relation, and reaction, to guns” (1). They have an intense almost seemingly crazy amour fou , both for each other, and both for guns. Although the story quite interesting how it pushed the censoring of the day for its violence, as Martin indicates, to its core it is a love story. While
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