COMM 452 Week 11 response the big heat

COMM 452 Week 11 response the big heat - Jake Unger COMM...

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Unformatted text preview: Jake Unger 3/25/10 COMM 452 – The Big Heat As Sobchack states, “in film noir a house is almost never a home” (144). While it plays into part of the male fantasy of noir to want to restore the home to a place of stability and a place to settle down on the home front, in almost all the noirs we have seen to date the home is not a place of stability, but rather a metaphor for the disturbing changes occurring in society according to traditional patriarchy. The Big Heat is a prime example of a film that shows that the house is not truly a home, that the bourgeois family is absent and unattainable, to the extent that “there is no place for love and family in a world of corruption” (Romero-Guillen 336). While the film shows houses from the luxurious mansions of Lagana to the middle-class home of Bannion, the film never really establishes any of the houses as homes of stability. While Bannion’s home life seems like the American dream, his home turns into a tragic arena as his wife is murdered and...
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