Film Noir Final second draft

Film Noir Final second draft - Film Noir Final The Big Dick...

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Film Noir Final - The Big Dick SECOND DRAFT - JAKE, SYDNEY, TRAVIS INT. NARRATOR’S OFFICE - NIGHT The NARRATOR is seated behind a desk smoking a cigarette. He is dressed in a long overcoat. He has a gun placed in front of him on the desk. He sighs deeply then picks up the telephone. NARRATOR Roy and I had decided to jump the border and head to Tijuana for the weekend, looking for the usual things a guy would jump the border for. Bars, booze, and dispensable women. We found the bars alright, and with them the booze of course. ..but dispensable women, no. We found Sophia. INT. MEXICAN BAR - DAY Two beautiful women, SOPHIA and CASSANDRA, walk into the bar and sit down at a table. The two men eye them and after a few moments sit down with them and bring them drinks. NARRATOR (V.O.) They both were originally a little hesitant to our advances, but after a few rounds whiskey and good conversation they were on us like dames always are. Scenes of the men trying to talk/flirt with the women. Later women eventually into it. (Could use photo montage here to show the passage of time between introductions and women eventually leaving with them). The two couples are walk out of the bar arm in arm. NARRATOR (V.O.) (CONT'D)
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Although Cassandra wasn’t bad on the eyes, Sophia was the most beautiful thing either of us had ever seen. She was the kind of girl you just want to take home and put in a cage so no-one else could ever touch her. Montages of the couples hanging out in the paradise, especially of Sophia hanging out with the Narrator, laughing, drinking, flirting. (We could also use photo montages for this part). NARRATOR (V.O.) (CONT'D) We spent the entirety of our time with those girls. For me, Sophia was just lovely to be with. Fun, lively, exciting. A perfect trip. EXT. OUTSIDE HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT
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Film Noir Final second draft - Film Noir Final The Big Dick...

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