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COMM 546 - Movies about movies read

COMM 546 - Movies about movies read - because of the...

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Slide 1: Movie about Making a Movie - While at its core Zach and Miri Make a Porno is a love story, on its surface it is a movie about making a movie, in this case a porn movie. 2. Movies’ Fascination with Making Movies - Hollywood has a longstanding history of making movies about the filmmaking process. Films dating all the way back to the silent film era depict situations involving the film industry and encapsulate almost all aspects of the filmmaking process whether it be about writing, pre- production, shooting, distributing, editing, casting, ect. Pretty much anything that is a part of the movie making process has been depicted in a film. 3. Movies about the Movies continued Throughout the decades, the genre of films about films has been an incredibly popular genre
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Unformatted text preview: because of the insights they provide into one of the most popular forms of mass media. While some films represent a single aspect of the filmmaking process such as writing a script in Adaptation, filming a porno in Boogie Nights, or the studio system in Behind the Screen, or a historical look at a different period of filmmaking as in The Last Tycoon. Movies about the movies is a historically successful genre that although familiar, has remained popular among audiences throughout the history of film because of societies fascination with the filmmaking process, along with the cultural and historical importance films represent to society....
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