COMM 546 500 days of Summer

COMM 546 500 days of Summer - Jake Unger COMM 546 500 Days...

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Unformatted text preview: Jake Unger 4/14/10 COMM 546: 500 Days of Summer While 500 Days of Summer is certainly a romantic comedy, it does not follow the classic structure of a rom-com, where boy meets girl, boy looses girl, and boy ultimately gets girl in the end ( ). While the majority of romantic comedies follow this structure dating back to the romantic comedy’s emergence from screwball comedies in the early 1930’s with films like Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights , and It Happened One Night , 500 Days of Summer employs a postmodern take on the traditional romantic comedy). 500 Days of Summer is in a similar vein as films such as Annie Hall , High Fidelity , and Say Anything where a young males intimately narrates an audience through their modern romantic experience through “whip-smart writing that meditates on remarkably mature notions of love” ( This almost sub-genre where John Cusack thrives, “have educated a generation of young males in a specific post-Redford kind of...
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