COMM 546 The Great Train Robbery

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Unformatted text preview: Jake Unger COMM 546: History of American Screenwriting “The Great Train Robbery” 1/20/10 The script of “The Great Train Robbery” was based on an actual train robbery which occurred on “August 29, 1900, when four members of George Leroy Parker's (Butch Cassidy) 'Hole in the Wall' gang halted the No. 3 train on the Union Pacific Railroad tracks toward Table Rock, Wyoming” (Tim Dirks, and The film was essentially the first western and set many precedents for future films of the western genre; such as gunshots forcing people to dance, people being thrown off trains, train holdups with six-shooters, daring train robberies “accompanied by violence and death”, bandits fleeing on horseback, and an eventual showdown between the bandits and the law (Tim Dirks). These types of scenes can be seen in older popular westerns that I have seen, such as John Wayne movies, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” or “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” and even in newer westerns or anti-westerns such as “Unforgiven”...
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