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Topics for test 2 - AD curve using MV=PY Shifts in AD curve...

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Topics for test 2: Chapter 7: Economic Growth Steady State The role of Saving in Growth The Golden Rule Level of K Transition to Golden Rule Steady State Population Growth in Solow Model Alternative Perspectives on Population Growth Chapter 8: Solow’s model with technology Growth rate of output per effective worker in steady state Growth rate of output per worker in steady state Growth rate of total output in steady state Policies to promote Growth Case Study: The Worldwide Slowdown in Economic Growth: 1972-1995 Chapter 9: Output Fluctuations Okun’s Law The AD-AS model
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Unformatted text preview: AD curve using MV=PY Shifts in AD curve Shifts in SRAS curve Short run and long run effects of monetary policy Stagflation and appropriate policy Chapter 10: Keynesian Cross Model Equilibrium in the Keynesian Cross Model Government multiplier Tax multiplier Balanced Budget multiplier Paradox of Thrift Deriving the IS curve using Keynesian Cross Model Deriving the IS curve using Loanable Funds Market. Money Market – Solving for equilibrium Deriving the LM curve using Money Market Lucas’ Paper Bailout Plan...
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