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Feb. 11 - a Knows everything and nothing b Act first worry...

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1. Sharers a. Lord Chamberlains men b. Actors get no respect in this society they are on the level of pickpockets and beggars. c. IN the company the younger people play simple parts and work at learning the parts of more important characters for later in life d. Young men playing girls were said to be believable d.i. Not a drag act but actually trying to be straightforward 2. Bottom,
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Unformatted text preview: a. Knows everything and nothing b. Act first worry about the consequences later c. Good Heart and Good will 3. 3 rd scene = third set of characters a. Different characters so they get a different sound b. Spoke in prose in 2 nd scene and rhyme in 1 st scene 4. Strange weather report a. Shows us Shakespeare using all his assets to write the play. b....
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