Fences March 30

Fences March 30 - b.i Goal(Hitting over fence Sword Fight c...

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Fences August Wilson 1. Wrote 10 plays that were part of a larger vision based arounds his black nationalism 2. Style rooted in the blues 3. Conflict is to show conflicts in the region is to discover the possibilities, cory doesn’t get to go. Ends up in marines. Good place or not? Readers decision 4. Generation gap/ coming of age plot 5. Family is a 2 edged sword here. It is motivation and a hinderance 6. What is a Fence… a. Barrier Protection, Ownership of area, Cage b. As applies to sports…
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Unformatted text preview: b.i. Goal (Hitting over fence), Sword Fight, c. Notion of fence that it can be many different things to each person. Notion of goal as applies to baseball informs this play without ever being specifically stated 7. Arc of better father than the previous father 8. Homework a. Identify Wilson’s voice in this play 9. Music is something of a false god to these people, dead end 10. Military is a place where men can get ahead in a way...
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