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Final Papers SP 10

Final Papers SP 10 - DRAMA 115 FINAL PAPERS SPRING 2010 See...

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DRAMA 115 FINAL PAPERS SPRING, 2010 See your class syllabus for guidelines on form and content. Papers are due Apr 6 by 4:00 PM at room 206, CDA. 1. Aristotle says the tragic hero is “capable of transcendent greatness and abject defeat.” In viewing the hero’s struggle to overcome the obstacles thrown in his path, we see some version of ourselves. We are moved and inspired by this struggle and undergo catharsis or purgation and revelation. Discuss this idea in relation to one of the characters we have studied who has touched you in this way. (Medea, Nora, Troy, Mother Courage…?) 2. Comedy has been defined as a play that “ends in affirmation” or “in all being set right with the world”. Support these definitions citing examples (with background) from at least two comedies studied this semester. (LYSISTRATA, EARNEST, DREAM) or refute using MISANTHROPE or TRUE WEST. What about HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE or WELL? 3.
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