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Macbeth Part 1

Macbeth Part 1 - was involved in In addition from my...

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Justan Reavis Play Review 4-19-10 Macbeth I viewed the play Macbeth on April 19, 2010 at the 4 p.m. showing. It was presented by the Department of Dramatic Art Undergraduate Production and Professional Actor Training Program. This play was one of the most mediocre performances I have ever seen. Macbeth was played by the young Kahlil Gonzalez-Garcia who I feel made a poor attempt at capturing the essence of the Macbeth that I have grown to love from my experiences viewing this production. He lacked the motivation that captivated the viewer and kept us interested in the action that he
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Unformatted text preview: was involved in. In addition, from my experience with participating in the theatre, I know it is necessary to create a presence in which the audience all feel like they are part of the action by making a consistent visual scan of the audience when performing a monologue. Unfortunately, Gonzalez-Garcia lacked this skill and consistently focused on the left top of the audience and which I feel really took away from his overall performance....
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