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March 16 - 6 Examination of the difference in sexes and how...

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1) Prim and proper view of era (Late 19 th Century) in “The Importance of Being Earnest” is a joke because people did not live like we imagine, actually quite the opposite 2) Characters a) All people are either from money or already modern day multi-millionaires b) In the realm of realism, everything is done very straight c) Jack c.i) Can be straightforward even when he is avoiding subjects d) Lane d.i)Takes blame for stuff, loyal servant, smart enough to save Algernon even when its thought to be too late d.ii) Device of time and playwright e) Women e.i) Keep diaries, rebellious against authority when they can be, difference (e.i.1) City, country f) Prism f.i) Changes immensely after she has to face Lady Bracknel 3) Oscar Wilde a) Wrote plays of convoluted men who were womanizers and partook in debauchery 4) Marriage a) Satirized b) People avoid it because it is foreign 5) The fact that the baby is left is a complicated element. a) Without that event we wouldn’t have a story
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Examination of the difference in sexes, and how they deal with stuff a) Men generally have no focus or plans b) Girls are not worldly, they are ambitious, and have plans. c) Parents either threatening or out of touch 7) Lady Bracknell a) Roadblock, antagonist, problem in the story 8) Both men bunberrysts. 9) Algernon is the most outspoken and says some things that would normally be left unsaid. 10) Pun in title a) Important actually b) To be sincere and to have the name c) More important to be earnest than… c.i) Factual c.ii) Honest d) Important to maintain the façade 11) Names for characters came from towns a) Meaningful as in onomatopoeia and such 12) Setting a) Turntable pretty neat and special b) Lots of physical impediments in the set, b.i)Are realistic and useful in that sense 13) Many obscure and small jokes that don’t register with the audience...
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