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Exam 2-fall10 - Drama 115/2 Exam 2 Sequence Number One(1 1...

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Drama 115/2: Exam 2 – Sequence Number One (1) 1. Which of the following is not characteristic of the "well-made play?" 1) careful exposition; 2) building of suspense; 3) surprises, and use of withheld information; 4) an unresolved ending ; 5) resolution/denouement 2. The stage practice of removing the "fourth wall" so that the audience may seem to peek in on life as it happens before them is most closely associated with which movement? 1 ) ??realism ; 2) expressionism; 3) Elizabethan theatre; 4) symbolism; 5) neoclassicism 3. The “troubles” mentioned in THE CHERRY ORCHARD refer to what ? 1) The emancipation of the serfs ; 2) the Bolshevik revolution; 3) the cherry recipes were lost; 4) women gained the right to vote; 5) Gaev learned to play billiards 4. Chekhov's plays are noted for: 1) new, subtle treatment of plot and action; 2) complex, human characters, each with a story to tell; 3) use of pauses in the dialogue; 4) evocative, sensual use of environment and setting; 5) All of these 5. The success of Chekhov’s plays was due in part to the realistic acting style taught by this co-founder and director of the Moscow Art Theatre. 1)Bertolt Brecht; 2) Konstantin Stanislavsky ; 3) Anton Chekhov; 4) Vladimir Horowitz; 5)none of these Gorky? 6. A change in staging that accompanied “Realist” plays was a more natural movement for the actors that imitated real life (as opposed to staging that “played” to the audience. 1 ) True ; 2) False 7. The ending of the film version of Ibsen’s HEDDA GABLER screened in class was notable because it featured a reconciliation of Hedda and her husband, George Tesman, which critics and audiences found more pleasing than her suicide. 1) True ; 2) False. 8. The fact that Ibsen named the play HEDDA GABLER instead of HEDDA TESMAN bears what significance? 1) it helps to establish the ambivalence of her new identify as Tesman’s wife; 2) it hearkens back to her more lofty social status (and potential) as General Gabler’s daughter; 3) it was her name when she flirted with Lovborg; 4) it is an example of Ibsen’s use of every element of the drama to tell his story; 5) all of these 9. What does Hedda Tesman have in her new house that reminds her of her former home with General Gabler? 1) a piano; 2) a portrait of her father; 3) a set of pistols; 4 ) all of these ; 5) none of these 10. Which character has Hedda in his/her power at the end. 1) Tesman; 2) Lovborg; 3) Mrs. Elvsted; 4) Aunt Julie; 5 ) Brack 11. What does Hedda fantasize will be in Lovborg’s hair when he returns from Brack’s party? 1) a party hat;
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Exam 2-fall10 - Drama 115/2 Exam 2 Sequence Number One(1 1...

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