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First Paper AS YOU LIKE IT

First Paper AS YOU LIKE IT - William Hodgkins PID 720000906...

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William Hodgkins PID: 720000906 I, William Hodgkins, have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this paper. As You Like It, a Shakespeare play performed by the PlayMaker’s Repertory Company, is an exceptional performance that effectively utilizes many theatrical aspects in order to represent one of Shakespeare’s best comedies. The elements put forth during this production keep the audience entertained and gave each person a memorable experience with their visit to Paul Green
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Theatre. Among the most prominent theatrical elements used are the audience, their relation to the actors and the stage, actor’s costumes, the stage backdrop and lighting, and the uniqueness of the characters. Each of these elements collectively influences everyone’s experience as a whole and makes this particular performance different from any other. From the very beginning of the production, one feature is noticeable to everyone in the audience: the theatre itself. The first thing many patrons notice as they enter Paul Green Theatre is the elevation of the stage in relation to the lobby, as well as the unique arrangement of the seating. Walking up the ramp into the theatre, guests can’t help but notice how the stage stands several feet above the ground as if it were on a pedestal. With the stage elevated in the center of the theatre and seats rising nearly vertical all around, audience members are given a full view of the set and it’s relation to the theatre. As each audience member makes their way to their seat, many cannot help but notice how the stage is arranged within feet of the first row, as well as how the seats seem to encircle themselves around the stage. From each seat in the Paul Green Theatre, patrons can see the entire set and the audience, including the exit points of the actors. Furthermore, the steepness of the aisles keeps the seating close to the action, and allows each audience member a complete view of the entire stage. Theatre design is crucial to the performance and greatly affects how the directors present the play to the audience. The layout of the theatre not only gives the audience a unique perspective on the action, but also allows everyone to see the rest of the audience and take note of their reactions to the plot. As many people notice from the moment they get to their seats, the steepness of the aisles and closeness of the theatre seating forces the audience together. Due to this feature, patrons continually pick up on the reactions and mood of those around them. Furthermore, by using this seating arrangement, theatre-goers interact throughout the play and even during intermission. As
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First Paper AS YOU LIKE IT - William Hodgkins PID 720000906...

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