115 Fall 2010 Syllabus (5)

115 Fall 2010 Syllabus (5) - Drama 115 Perspectives in...

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Drama 115 – Perspectives in Western Drama Professor: Gregory Kable Section 003: Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 1:00-1:50 pm Hamilton Hall 100 Overview : This class offers an introduction to Western drama from its beginnings in Ancient Greece to the contemporary stage. We will read texts, screen videos, engage in critical writing, and attend performances, all of which are intended to enhance your understanding and appreciation of drama. Bear in mind that this is a survey and as we’re covering 2500 years of theatre, it is by definition not comprehensive. We will, however, attempt a reasonable amount of both depth and breadth in the course of our journey. We will explore how to look at plays in terms of both text and performance: that is, as literature or cultural artifacts, but also as blueprints for action in the theatre. Each work we study is remarkably different, and will likely give you a completely new perspective on what constitutes dramatic art. Approach them all with an open mind and an open heart. And welcome to the class. Objectives : By the end of this course, you will be able to: * Identify relationships and distinctions between drama and theatre. * Recognize the basic elements of dramatic structure and key theatrical movements. * Define important theatrical terms. * Identify the contributions of several seminal playwrights and theatre artists. * Explain some of the social, cultural, and political influences on theatre. * Pursue an interest in current theatre practice, including active theatergoing. Required Text : The Norton Anthology of Drama, shorter ed. Gainor, Garner & Puchner, eds. Required Department of Dramatic Art Privilege Card : In addition to the class work, you will be required to attend two productions by PlayMakers Repertory Company premiering over the course of the term. The DDA Privilege Card grants you admission at the lowest possible cost. Details will be presented in class. Aug 25. Introductions and Course Outline
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115 Fall 2010 Syllabus (5) - Drama 115 Perspectives in...

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