Drama Day 2

Drama Day 2 - illusion , as we watch, that we are sharing...

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1. Theatre is a performance that places human experience before a group of people – an audience – in the present moment 2. For theatre to happen, 2 groups of people, actors, and audience, must come together at a certain place 3. Theatre’s Immediacy a. Theatre is one of the most immediate ways of experiencing another’s concept of life – of what it means to be human 4. Theatre’s aliveness a. Theatre is a living art form, continually before us in present time until that final moment of the play 5. Four essential parallels between theatre and life. a. Actors  humanity b. Simulation  reality c. Rehearsal  Spontaneity d. Audiences  Society 6. Theatre’s Doubleness a. Shakespeare said it best in As You Like It: “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players.” 7. Theatrical Illusion a. Theatre creates the
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Unformatted text preview: illusion , as we watch, that we are sharing an experience with others for the first time b. Aristotle? c. Suspending one’s disbelief? 8. Theatre’s Spaces a. Theatron a.i. The ‘seeing place’ or special place b. 3 basic components of theatre b.i. Actors, audience, and action c. Basic components of ‘theatre space’ c.i. Stage and audience 9. Thrust stage at Playmakers 10. What do you acrually need to have theatre? a. Hypokrites a.i. The “answer” b. Thespis? b.i. First actor c. The formula is simple 11. Theatre’s audiences a. As audiences, we expect plays to be related to life experiences b. Most of us go to the theatre expecting the familiar. c. The collective response 12. Act of Discovery a. Aliveness and Immediacy 13. Thrust, end around, black box. Types of theatre...
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