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Everyman Sept 15 - o After this good deeds rises from the...

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Everyman going to his death Tries to find someone to go with him o First asks fellowship (friends) o Only goes with him so far and says “only going when there are fun times ahead” Kinship and Cousin o Don’t go far at all Cousin says will leave because of a toe ache, kinship says must catch cousin Goods o Moneys possessions o Says can’t go because it’s too brittle and will follow no man past this earth Good Deeds o Good deeds is so weak he cant even get off the ground o Tells him to go to knowledge Knowledge o Goes to knowledge for everyman’s faults/sin Confession o Confesses his sin, does penance
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Unformatted text preview: o After this good deeds rises from the ground and rejoins him • Beauty, strength, 5 wits, and discretion o They all travel on last leg of journey o As he gets to end these people also desert him o Beauty Leaves when finding out shits getting real o Strength Same as beauty “In faith I care not…” Basically cant help him • Good deeds still remains until the end • Angel comes along at end o Says he will go to heaven, • End play with doctor giving moral of Everyman o Save good deeds because that’s the only thing you can take with you....
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