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All My Sons Review - Alec Rubenstein DRAMA 116 Section 002...

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Alec Rubenstein DRAMA 116: Section 002 714870140 February 6 th , 2:00 PM Performance All My Sons Critical Analysis Honor Pledge: I have neither given nor received help on this paper. ________________________ The PlayMaker’s Repertory’s Production of Arthur Miller’s masterpiece, All My Sons , accurately portrays the original critique of post-war American Society. Director Davis McCallum and his designers pieced together a fantastic rendition of All My Sons , staying true to playwright Arthur Miller’s technical vision and message. McCallum chose a talented cast of actors and actresses who played Arthur Miller’s characters flawlessly.
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The entire cast understood the play and was able to communicate to the audience the emotions felt by their characters as the play progressed. For example, Actor Paul O’ Brien, who played the tragic businessman Joe Keller, made the audience feel both disgusted and sympathetic for O’Brien’s character by the play’s climax. His performance reminded the audience of the difficult decisions a businessman must make when choosing between the ethical decision and what is best for his family. Under the given circumstance of post-war American suburbia and the evolution of the plot, the characters seemed believable and truthful. Actress Ellen McLaughlin, who was playing Kate Keller, played a traumatized mother refusing to believe her son’s death in Act I. By Act III, she came to the realization that her husband was guilty and that
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All My Sons Review - Alec Rubenstein DRAMA 116 Section 002...

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