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background - and use of various elements including scenery...

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Alec Rubenstein DRAMA 116 Section 002 714870140 Honor Pledge: I have neither given nor received help on this paper. ________________________ Technical Set: front yard, broken tree, beautiful early 1940’s traditional American family home Lighting: bright lights to establish, sunny Sunday setting, most likely summer, lights went dark during times of intense drama Sound: Costumes: fantastic post-war attire, classical attire from late 1940’s, women wore dresses, men wore nice shirts and pants. Chris cut down the tree in a white under t-shirt and slacks, very representative of the time period. George Deever – dressed like a lawyer, Kate – dressed like a 1940’s house wife, apron, dress, etc. Doctor – dressed like an early 20 th century physician Dramaturg – exceptional job, doctor made house calls, major impact on the designer’s themes
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Unformatted text preview: and use of various elements including scenery, costumes, and occupations Playwright – trying to express that the American dream by unethical means will not lead to happiness. Main theme was the American dream and business culture. Profiteering during the war was wrong. Directing: play executed Miller’s theme to perfection, providing an accurate rendition of his play. The director made excellent choices in choosing the actors to play the roles. Thrust theater, the actors were literally in front of us, we were immersed into their lives. The audience was mostly college students and the elderly. Diverse crowd of UNC students and Chapel Hill residents. Most were caucasion, but several minorities were present to enjoy the play...
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