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Drama 116 Williams, Spring ‘11 Questions from the Final Exam 1. What is the climax of the play A Raisin in the Sun ? 2. What was the first rock musical? – Rent 3. What is the meaning of catharsis? – Purging of emotions/feelings 4. In what play did Agnes De Milles revolutionize dancing? – Oklahoma! 5. Which play has a theme of Passion vs Reason? –Tartuffe 6. Which play has a theme of memory and isolation? –Krapp’s Last Tape 7. Who wrote the play that has realism and expressionism? –Arthur Miller 8. Which play has a theme of stasis vs change? –Angels in America 9. Which play has a theme of culture and history? –Fences 10. Which play is about the AIDs epidemic?
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Unformatted text preview: –Angels in America 11. Which genre distorts reality for emotional purposes? –Angels in America 12. What is a combination of ethnic music, ethnic comedy and beautiful girls? – Ziegfeld Follies 13. Which performer starred in both Ziegfeld follies and Minstrel shows? –Bert Williams 14. Why are actors called Thespians? –Thespis was first actor 15. Which play is an example of epic theater? –Angels in America 16. What is Stanislavski credited for? –Training actors 17. What is the effect does Theater of cruelty put on the audience? –Feel unpleasant and uncomfortable...
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