Drama Review

Drama Review - o The Actor Actors job believable behavior...

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o The Actor Actors job – believable behavior under given circumstances (Time, place, surroundings, others) Actors union – Actors Equity Organization, for professional actors, stage managers and directors The Director – the collaborator, designers Directors job – selecting a script or creating one, deciding interpretation and with the designers, the “look” of the stage space, audition and casting, collaborate with technicians, stage managers to plan and stage production, rehearsals, unify the elements (text, music, scenery, costumes, properties, sound, visuals) Assistant Director – attends production meetings, coaches actors, rehearses special scenes Stage manager – complies prompt book, prepares rehearsal schedule, records stage business, blocking, sound, light and other cues, takes notes during rehearsal, runs the show after opening Movement Coach/Fight Coordinator – establishes safety for actors Production Dramaturg – provides historical background for the play, researches the period of the play, provides a context of the political, social, and economic climate of the period. Designers job-collaborate with the director to focus the audience’s attention on the actor in a theatrical space – the stage, create a 3 dimensional environment for the actor o Costume Designers, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer – many purpose, can evoke mood, establish period, heighten tension, intensify action. Backstage –Assistant Stage manager, Light Board Operator, Sound Board Operator, Costume crew o Areas of the stage – upstage – rear of acting area, downstage – towards front, center – center of the acting area, right and left are the actors right and left Thrust-extends into the audience, Arena – like a gym, proscenium- audience faces stage which is usually raised with an arch o Drama and Ritual
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Drama Review - o The Actor Actors job believable behavior...

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