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Midterm 1 Review Guide - American Theater -Themes, setting...

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American Theater -Themes, setting and characterization explore the American experience. -Often deals with conflict between individual freedom and the pressures of confining social realities such as social class, economic hardship, race and gender. Realism -Art should reproduce an image of life avoiding the dramatic conventions such as asides and soliloquies. -It shows ordinary people in ordinary situations. All My Sons -In Greek tragedy, the protagonist is usually a person of royal status -In modern tragedy the protagonist is a person who is like the average citizen. What is the protagonist? -This person is ually the most sympathetic and interesting person in the drama. Usually involved in the main part of the plot Characters- Joe Keller – father of Larry and Chris. Owner of aero plane manufacturing plan. Successful Chris Keller – his son. Veteran of WWII. Mid-level executive in his father’s business. Kate Keller – Joe’s wife. Cannot bear to admit her son is dead, because she would have to acknowledge her husband’s guilt. Ann Deever – Larry’s former fiancée. The daughter of Keller’s partner. George Deever – Ann’s brother, now an attorney Dr. Jim Bayliss – Keller’s neighbor, now living in the Deever’s former house Sue Bayliss – Jim’s wife Lydia Lubey-wife of Frank, mother of three small children, former flame of George Deever Frank Lubey – Keller’s neighbor, dabbles in astrology Bert Steiner – neighborhood kid Given Circumstances -What are some of the given circumstances in this drama? The tree in the yard has been broken the night before. Larry is dead or missing. Ann’s father is in jail. Twenty-one men crashed and died in one day. Outline of events Autumn, 1943 – Joe allows Steve to supply the USAAF with faulty cylinder heads Late autumn, 1943: Twenty-one planes crash; Joe and Steve arrested November 25, 1943: Larry (having read in newspaper about father) crashes plane
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Midterm 1 Review Guide - American Theater -Themes, setting...

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