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Libby Appel’s production of Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie is a fine display of theatre by the actors, directors, and technicians. Although the acting was superb, this play would not be the same without the lighting, costumes, sound, and set. The director was able to use the lights to focus and direct the audience throughout the show. The old fashioned clothing clearly set the show in the 1930’s. Throughout the story, the violinist was able to add emotion, but never distracted the audience from the plot. The personal stage at the Paul Green Theatre made you feel like you were in Amanda’s home. The technical elements of the play made this play a reality for the theatergoers. Robert Peterson, the lighting director, was subtle and effective with the lights. He was able to define night and day and use close off parts of the stage during certain scenes. For example, when John, played by John Tufts, and his friend Jim O’Connor, played by John Brummer, were smoking a cigarette before dinner, the lights were dimly lit in the back of the
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