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Unformatted text preview: Dram 120: Final Dram 120: Final Weeks Upcoming Calendar Upcoming Calendar Tues 11/18: “Fences” Discussion; “Galileo” synthesis papers & analysis work Thur 11/20: “Fences” Presentations Tues 11/25: “How I Learned to Drive” Discussion; “Fences” synthesis papers & analysis work Tues 12/2: “How I Learned to Drive” Presentations Wed 12/3: “How I Learned to Drive” synthesis papers & analysis work (by 4pm) Fri 12/5: 12pm final for section 1 (2pm class) Thu 12/11: 8am final for section 3 (11am class) Due for your Class Project Play Due for your Class Project Play (Due after Project Presentation; turn in all at once) 1. 2. 3. • ‘character,’ ‘desire,’ ‘action,’ and ‘obstacle’ points for 2­4 characters Scene Event summaries 1. • Include shift diagrams, influential factors, event sentences, driving questions Genre Description (1­2 pages) 5. Paragraph or two describing genre 9 ‘genre considerations’ for your play Paragraph or two on how genre will influence your project. Any additional work that goes with your creative project. 5. 5. Response Page(s) Character Diagram & Story Highlights Plot Elements E.g., ‘character study’ for actors or ‘dramatic beat analysis’ for directors Synthesis Paper: 4 – 5 pages (described in earlier PPT) Profile Binder Content due Nov 25 Profile Binder Content due Nov 25 Any Previous Work: “Oedipus,” “Hamlet,” etc. Call attention to any work redone for partial credit “The Importance of Being Earnest” Response Page(s) Plot Elements Event summaries (by Act) includes sentences, shift diagram, influential factors, driving questions Response Pages for your non­project plays Galileo, Fences, or How I Learned to Drive Play Profile Binders (cont’d) Play Profile Binders (cont’d) Homework & Classwork Playwriting Exercise: 2 characters from earlier plays) Sample Thesis Statements w/ Supporting Evidence “Blue Door” Response Pages Any Extra Credit Response pages (up to 3 plays) ...
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