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Playwrighting Exercise Glass Menagerie

Playwrighting Exercise Glass Menagerie - Laura It’s okay...

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Playwrighting Exercise with The Glass Menagerie Character A: Laura need : Jim’s affection; plan : get Jim to like her; expectation : Jim will turn me down Character B: Jim need : self-actualization; plan : make the most of himself; expectation : he will accomplish his goals Laura: I need you, Jim. Jim: I need to realize my goals. Laura: What does that even mean? Jim: I’m not quite sure, but I have been thinking about it. Laura: Well I can help you. You know I am very fond of you. [blushes] Jim: Yes I am aware. I am just not quite sure if you fit in to my goals. [Explosion is heard in the background] Laura: A car bomb just went off! Jim: Are you okay? Laura: Yeah, I’m okay- are you? [A character becomes weak] Jim: My leg got burned badly. I won’t be able to play in the game today. Ouch, this hurts!
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Unformatted text preview: Laura: It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll make it. Jim: But my leg just got burned! This is bad. Laura: I can comfort you- I mean, if you’d want that. Jim: Please do. [A character stops talking] Laura: You know how much I’ve cared for you all this time. I just… I just never had the courage in high school to tell you how I feel. I’m sorry that I’m being so forward with you. There’s nothing I can do but spill my heart out and tell you how I feel. What am I supposed to do with myself, Jim? [Character can speak again] Jim: Well, Laura, deep down I’ve always felt something for you. [Hands Laura some gauze to help with his burned leg] Laura: Well, what of it? Jim: I don’t know, Laura. I just don’t know if this is what I want....
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