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Fences: Plot Elements 1. Crisis – Troy’s inability to move beyond his past Troy Maxson 2. Character – hard-working, strong, proud, self-serving, unfaithful, retrospective, nostalgic 3. Desire – to escape what has become a meaningless life; to love another in freedom; to maintain dominion over his household 4. Action – cheating on Rose with Alberta, keeping Cory from going to college; speaking condescendingly towards Rose 5. Obstacle – Cory’s desire to play football in college; Rose’s unwillingness to be with Troy because of his unfaithfulness; his own bodily desires Cory Maxson 2. Character – respectful, passionate, lively, ambitious, enterprising, strong 3. Desire – to make the most of himself; to escape the reigns of his father; to complete the dream troy once had 4. Action – making good grades in school; trying to be recruited to play football; working towards going to college; obeying Rose and often obeying Troy 5. Obstacle – Troy being stuck in the past; a lack of monetary support; Troy telling Coach
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