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Response to Blue Door

Response to Blue Door - Response to Blue Door Getting to...

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Response to Blue Door Getting to see Blue Door was quite an experience for me. The play was very well put on by Playmakers Repertory Company; the actors did a great job playing their parts, and the actor who played Lewis’ ancestors, father, and brother did an awesome job getting into each role. While I couldn’t relate to the stories of prejudice and racism from the past, I did recognize that those issues existed and I did learn a lot from the play. The most mind-shattering things for me in Blue Door were the stories of slavery and the cruel treatment of African Americans. I had always heard about stories, but had never actually heard stories firsthand. While I recognize that these stories may not be completely historically- based, I still know that episodes of racism such as those seen in the play occurred quite often. Hearing Lewis’ father tell his story really got to me and made me consider the incredible injustices of slavery.
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