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Response to Drive - Response to How I Learned to Drive...

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Unformatted text preview: Response to How I Learned to Drive Reading this play reinforced an idea I’ve come to learn- drama is able to explore issues we would normally stray away from talking about. Under almost no other circumstances would an open dialogue be readily accessible for an audience to listen to, but through drama, we are able to delve into issues such as those presented in Drive . What I found interesting is how Paula Vogel is able to create some semblance of a real love relationship between two characters who, under normal societal constraints, should never have the option of being together in the first place. It doesn’t seem right that an incestuous relationship is able to flourish because of the intentions of Peck. An older uncle should not have the opportunity or the desire to be in love with his niece- but Vogel actually legitimizes the love relationship between the two at a part of the play. Seeing this made me really consider how much weight familial ties have to love, and where the line between family love and sexual love...
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